Push Notification Advertising

Providing publishers with an additional revenue stream by allowing advertisers to send push notifications to their users. How It Works

What can we offer you?

We help both publishers and advertisers take advantage of our web push technology.

Are you a publisher or an advertiser ?


Earn money from your website, blog or other traffic source.
  • Additional Revenue StreamEarning more from your website and staying profitable is every publishers goal. By utilizing our technology we provide publishers an additional way to bring in income from your website.
  • Unique MonetizationOur push technology does not replace any of your current ad units. It's almost like you are earning daily income in the background with out anyone even knowing.
  • Easy to implementIntegrating our push ad technology into your website is not that difficult. Our dedicated team will walk you through all the steps of integration and even personally help you if you are having difficulties.
  • User ValueLife time value of your users is calculated over time so that you can determine how much revenue a single user brings in. This is valuable data!


Get your message out to an extremely targeted audience.
  • Untapped InventoryBe one of the first to utilize this new technology.
  • Targetable AudienceOur push notification targeting is phenomenal. Target by country, city, state, connection type, carrier, ISP, device, OS, OS version, browser, browser version, and category.
  • CPM BiddingWe only allow one notification to be sent to a single user per day. Advertisers bid on a CPM basis to have their push notification sent out. Winning bids are selected at midnight EST and are sent out the next day at the advertisers set time.
  • Affordable CPMPay for only the amount of traffic you want.

Supported on all push enabled browsers

Chrome (Android & Desktop)
Safari (Desktop)
FireFox (Desktop)
Opera ( Android & Desktop)

Live Inventory Targeting

Monthly Impressions
Country Impressions Min CPM


We've made money from our users that we never thought was possible. PushMonetizaton has enabled us to bring in additional revenue in a new way that we've never seen before... certainly these guys are involved in the latest cutting edge technology right now.

Alberto D.HQViral.com

This is seriously untapped new traffic source that will be 2017's biggest hit with media buyers! Not only am I am to bring in the volume I need but I can target the exact audience I know converts.

Dee H.Media Buyer